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Submission Guidelines

  • We do not accept or publish opinion pieces that lack any fundamental research value. Submissions should be written in an academic, impersonal style. In short, the type we submit as assignments in school.
  • We also accept book reviews, overviews, summaries, and “how to” articles and guidelines to assist students and researchers in performing better at research, academic essay writing or even examinations. If you wish to submit your final-year long essay or project, kindly extract a part of it that can stand on its own, not longer than 4000 words, and submit. You may replicate this process as many times as is possible.
  • To submit a charta for publication, please send it via email to, alongside your full name and byline. Your byline may include your institution of learning, area of expertise, place of work and/or email address. Or better still, you may simply fill the form below following these guidelines.
  • You can also send us your work via our WhatsApp for Business account: +(234)7054856729.
  • Your submission should be between 700 and 4000 words.
  • Please note that we give preference to essays that are brief, original, easy to understand, logical and grammatically accurate.
  • We also have a thing for essays that connect theoretical concepts to environmental realities. In other words, we appreciate write-ups with practical leanings and implications.
  • We only accept essays in English and French at this time. If you are submitting in any other language, kindly include or attach the English or French translation of your submission. The word limit does not apply strictly in this case.
  • Plagiarism is greatly frowned at. Make sure to acknowledge all your sources, as we will bear no liability for any case of intellectual property violations.
  • You may submit previously published essays.
  • If the essay is authored by more than one individual, do make sure to include the names of all the authors. If it is a teamwork at school, only include the names of contributors, and not just team members.
  • If your essay has pictures or charts you would like to include in the publication, we recommend that you submit it via email.
  • Note that we reserve the right to edit your title and work to suit the taste and fit into the style of our platform.

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