There are certain kinds of content that are not readily available on the internet, and which are not given cyber-preference in some parts of the world. Chartaville is here to fill one of such vacuums. We are an online repository of academic essays, reviews and term papers, established to provide a platform for students to get their articles and assignments published. We started in April 2014 as Essays NG (www.essaysng.com), stopped for a while a year after, and relocated to this permanent site (www.chartaville.com) on 20 December 2017.

Even though we are delighted to share some semblance with the word, please do not confuse us with Charlottesville, the hometown of 3rd U.S. President and genius author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson.  The word “Chartaville” is derived from the Latin words charta, which means paper, piece of papyrus or document, and vicus or villa, meaning village. Thus, Chartaville is a village of papers – only that it exists mainly online.

In short, our job is to make easy for you to publish, preserve and peruse your not-too-long academic works, to aid research for students of knowledge, academics and researchers generally.



Our objectives include:

  • To promote boundless erudition and diversity in scholarship;
  • To encourage quality, in-depth research as well as lucid writing skills;
  • To preserve valuable knowledge and facilitate societal development through intellectual continuum;
  • To provide a platform for crowd-learning, where everyone contributes in bits towards ultimately bulky and hugely beneficial intellectual products.



Chartaville is not home to just any sort of write-up. We accept essays, academic articles and short manuals related to academic writing. And we give preference to write-ups that are brief (maximum of 4000 words), simple in diction, original (i.e. not stolen either in whole or in part) and relevant. We accept from all parts of the world; it does not matter where you are from. This village is every man’s land.



This is one of our projects. It is aimed at occasionally compiling and releasing electronic books on specific subjects through the help of users – a sort of crowdfunding of knowledge or crowducation. For example, we can create an ebook highlighting and briefly explaining the top cases in the law of contract or the most significant works of European literature etc. If you have got ideas for us, do not hesitate to shoot us an email at hello@chartaville.com, or fill our contact form on the Contact page.